The C.G.T. scientific team have  been engaged with research and applications in career guidance, jobs, professions, the labour market, psychology and education for more than thirty years and its members have published more than 450 work, surveys, studies, monographs, books in these fields. The company was originally founded in 2002 and received its current name C.G.T.)   in 2007 in order to coordinate  and promote the intellectual work, research and applications of the central scientific team and its partners. It is staffed by economists, psychologists and sociologists of work, career counsellors, educators, mathematicians and computer scientists.

Head of the scientific group and creator of the test is Theodore Katsanevas (Ph.D., LSE, M.A. Warwick), professor of labour economics and  HRM at the University of Piraeus and ex President of the Greek Scientific Society of Counselling and Guidance (EL.E.SY.P.) Several university and secondary school professors, teachers, researchers and scientists from the fields of economic, psychology and sociology of work, education, psychology, mathematics and computer science, worked with and/or collaborated with the C.G.T. scientific team, such as :

Chris Jenkins, professor of labour economics and of HRM of the University of Leakhead, Canada, Nick Fakiolas Ph.D. professor –researcher and ex head of the National Centre for Vocational Guidance ( EKKE), Ilias Livanos, Ph.D. Professor, labour economics, Univ. Oxford Brooks, Costas Athanasiou Ph.D., labour economics, Univ. Piraeus, Joanna Tsiaparas, (PhD), Economist-researcher in HRM Univ. Piraeus, Tania Kavroulaki (MA), psychologist-career guidance researcher and  counsellor, Catherine Vanger (MA),  career guidance counsellor, professor and head of secondary school, Constantine Kottios (Ph.D), career guidance counsellor, Taousanis Christos Ph.D), career guidance counsellor,  Constantine Saltas (MA.), career guidance counsellor-professor and head of secondary school, Maria Tzortz.(MA.), Psychologist, Michael Petevis (MA.),Barbara Pasch (M.A.), psychologist, career counsellor, career guidance counsellor, Georgia Kefalas (MA) career guidance counsellor, Virginia Makris (MA,) psychologist, teacher, Elis Art economist, Olga Zagoraios (MA.), Economist, HR consultant, Thomi Zissopoulou (MA .), psychologist-career guidance consultant Stefanos Karakitsos (MA) economist-mathematician-researcher and the computer scientists  Athanassios Fonias, Giannis Karampelas Nikos Loukas, Pavlos Toganidis Nikos Christodoulakis, Nik Duke, etc.


In particular, the CGT scientific team provides services such as:

  • Career guidance test (various versions)
  • Counselling and career guidance
  • Organization and participation in seminars and workshops
  • Development and delivery of innovative training actions

The  CGT scientific team produces special versions of automated tests for various countries and population subgroups, for graduate students, for technical-vocational school students, unemployed, persons with disabilities, for special categories of human resources, etc. At the same time, it develops original  know-how in career guidance, refreshes and continuously enriches the relevant research, educational, economic-labour data and psychometric tests, produces and publishes related scientific work, organizes seminars and trainings in the same field. The C.G.T. K.17 as a main intellectual creation of the  CGT  scientific team have been applied widely in Greece and various countries.